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Fulfill Your Potential – Create the Life You Wish for Yourself

Event Location / Date & Time: BOI Workbench, O'Connell Street, Limerick Time: 06:00pm-07:30pm

Seat Rate: 40

Are you really living your life and inspiring those around you to live theirs or are you living a life designed by others or one based on habits or expectations that may no longer serve and fulfil you?

Can you say you are focused on and enabling those areas of your life that inspire, motivate and fulfill you?

We have had a few months since New Year to set and review our resolutions.!!!.

Too often we don’t deliver because “life” gets in the way. Actually, there are normally two reasons for “life” getting in the way. It can often be the case that someone else’s life gets in our way. It is the demands or expectations of others that stop us delivering on our aspirations. Alternatively, it is our own habits that stop us developing new habits that we have identified would be better for us.

In this short talk we will

  • Discover how we can use simple tools to understand our behaviour and those of others to recognise patterns of behaviour in ourselves and others and the ability to judge how they fit in with our own goals and aspirations. We predict what will get in our way and deal with those
  • Introduce techniques to help us maintain balance and perspective so we can make sense of what is happening in and around us rather than get caught up and swept away by all these events and emotions
  • Identify our own priorities and ensure we are working on these rather than other peoples’ agendas.

In this way we can inspire and motivate ourselves and those around us. We are drawn to people who energise themselves and remain calm and centered. When we use these techniques, we become that person and attract people who bring energy to our interactions rather than sucking the life out of us.

This event is organised by Limerick Chamber Skillnet as a part of Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival 2018 and is facilitated by Stephen Pitcher 

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